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In setting up an investment portfolio suitable for you, your financial adviser will ask you a series of questions about your financial and lifestyle goals. Using this information, plus details of your current assets, liabilities and income, your adviser can determine what level of risk or exposure you are prepared to tolerate in relation to fluctuations in the marketplace - and the level that makes sense for your stage in life. From this, an appropriate mix of assets can be allocated to your investment portfolio.

Your Total Score Your Investment Profile
(17 Above)-Very Aggressive Investors As an very aggressive investor you are ready to take higher risk expecting greater returns. This is a result of your urge to get more income and capital growth. You are well place to recover from unforseen market downturns either because you have time on your side or access to to capital returns.
(13-16)-Aggressive Investors As an aggressive investor you are ready to take higher risk expecting greater returns. This is a result of your urge to get more income and capital growth. You are well place to recover from unforseen market et downturns either because you have time on your side or access to to capital returns.
(9-12)-High Growth Investors As a high growth investor your portfolio should have a bias towards capital growth and a little need of income. You are prepared to accept higher degree of volatility and risk. Your primary concern is to to accumulate assets over the medium to long term.
(4-8) Moderate Investor As a moderate investor your investment portfolio is directly focused on capital growth as well as protecting the wealth already accumulated by you. Your portfolio should be yeilding capital for maintainingng assets. Calculated risk is accepted to yeild better returns.

The questionnaire returns a score on the basis of which you fall in either of the category mentioned above. This assessment is made solely on the basis of your financial situation and the answers selected by you.

As your advisor, I and you confirm that we have worked together to determine your risk profile and the investment options that are best suited for your investment style.